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Free On Location Test Rides

Contact Lee to arrange an on location test cycle at your place of work. We have test bikes in several locations, contact Lee to set up a trial in one closest to you.

E-bikes Qualify under the Cycle to Work Scheme

All our electric bikes qualify under the cycle to work scheme, saving you up to £1000 off the price of an electric bike.

Save on Commuting Costs

Avoid the high costs of commuting with an E-bike! With no fuel, parking or running costs an e-bike can save thousands per year when compared to a car or even public transport. Not only that but you have the freedom and independence to arrive on time & sweat free.



The most enjoyable way to get fit

An e-bike offers one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit, the doubling effect of your effort hugely adds to rider enjoyment so that you want to go further without the strain or sweat associated with regular cycling.

Book a test ride

To view the bikes and take them for a test ride, book an appointment now !

You can also rent an bike for an more extensive period of time and fully assess its potential in your own surroundings for £35 per 24 hours.  If you chose to purchase the ebike within a week then the rental price is deducted from the overall purchase price.