Electric Bike Servicing

For electric bike customers only. Our servicing options will keep your bike in great condition for many years to come.

Electric Bike Service Options

It is extremely important to maintain your e-bike to keep it in the best possible condition so that you can get many years of riding pleasure. E-bikes that are maintained regularly (at least twice per year) will last longer and run smoother and in the long run cost you less than if you do not book it in for a regular service.


Basic Service

Includes basic checks and safety adjustments
  •  Check gears and brakes
  •  Check nut and bolts
  • Pump tires
  •  Lube Chain
  •  Test ride
  •  Diagnose if further repairs required

Overhaul Service

A compete rebuild of your bike, designed to bring your bike back good as new
  • Strip down, clean & re-greasing of components
  • Complete check on all components
  • Brake service, including inner and outer casing change
  • Gear cable change and re-tune
  • Wheels tensioned and trued