Greenaer Northern Ireland, with Lee Coggan

Greenaer Northern Ireland, with Lee Coggan

When I first heard a story about a person cycling a bicycle with an electric motor, I was unsure how i felt about it.

A part of me was inclined to feel that I, as a “pedal” cyclist, was being cheated in some way.

However being a mechanical engineer anything with technology always intrigued me and the questions were countless, how long does the battery last? How can a small electric motor be any good? Would it work in the mountains? (which is where I spend most of my spare time with my bike btw).

It wasn’t until I was describing the beautiful scenery and epic panoramic landscape views that I was able to enjoy with every mountain bike ride, that my father asked if he could come along (he has a heart complaint and is unfit for strenuous exercise) I knew he would never be able to make it to the top. That is what really brought me along the road of e-bikes.

Since getting involved with Greenaer I have realised that there are however many more benefits of e-bikes: commuting, there’s no better feeling than zooming past car after car stuck in a jam, environmental reducing carbon and saving our plant for future generations, and last but not least saving money on transport. Well, what’s not to like about that?

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