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Momentum Electric Model T


Product Description

The Momentum Model T is the step-through frame model of the Momentum Upstart (only available as crossbar frame).

It comes in one colour- black, and in one size- 46cm. It has a very traditional style and design. Great attention went into making sure that the bike handles itself well in an urban environment.   The acceleration is smooth and refined, thanks to the ‘Autorq’ sensor system. The Autorq technology measures the pressure being applied to the pedals at any given time ensuring there are no jerks and jolts during your ride.

The Sram Automatix two speed automatic gear shifting system which is housed in the rear hub is very reliable and negates the need for manual shifting, this adds to the minimalism and simplicity of use of the bike. The Sram gear hub is mechanical so will shift gears whether the electrical assistance is on or off.

Weighing just 20.8 kg, the Momentum Model T is easy to maneuver and is perfectly at home in an urban environment. The 250W front hub motor and Samsung 374.4 Wh battery will give you a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

The Model T comes with all of the commuting necessities such as a chainguard, rear carrier and a comfy, steel sprung saddle. The Model T will also has a kickstand, mudguards and integrated front and rear lights.

Momentum Electric Model T - specs UK


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