Staiger Sinus Tria N8

Staiger Sinus N8 (2017)

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Product Description


The Tria N8 is part of the Comfort range of Staiger Sinus e-Bikes. It features a sturdy and convenient step-through frame and user-friendly Shimano Nexus internal 8-speed hub.

This electric bike is equipped with the very refined Bosch Active Line system.

Bosch Active Line


The 250W middle motor delivers the perfect support, with an impressive 1000 sensor measurements per second. Direct measurements are made via 3 sensors: Torque (pedalling force); Pedalling frequency; and Speed. This level of technology reached by Bosch provides the rider with a very intuitive and smooth assistance.

There are 5 modes of assistance: Off, Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Each mode is easily accessed via the control unit that is mounted on the handlebars. When cycling on Turbo mode, the motor assists the rider up 225% with 48Nm of torque.

The Active Line is known for its great ground clearance through the optimised integration of the drive unit, it’s lightweight and emits low vibrations.



Formerly located in the rear carrier, the 400Wh lithium-ion Bosch battery has been cleverly re-positioned vertically above the motor. This allows lowering the centre of gravity, resulting in a better balance of the bike.

It also makes it easier to take the battery on and off, and prevents any risk of damaging the controller in the long run when sliding the battery in.

The battery can still be charged off or on the bike.

As far as the performance is concerned, the maximum range achievable with the 500Wh Li-ion battery is 190 km (on Eco mode, at an average speed of 20 km/h with ideal conditions). From our experience, the average autonomy is more about 50 miles in one charge.

Apart from the quality of its electrical components, Sinus electric bikes distinguish themselves through their attention to detail. Their bikes are durable, reliable and enjoyable for the most demanding users…

Security and comfort are also a key feature on the Sinus Tria N8 thanks to its Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes, Suntour NEX E25 front suspensions and an integrated rear ring lock.

Sinus Tria N8 - specs N8


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