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Winora Radius Plain


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Product Description

The solution to reduced living spaces

The Radius Plain was designed with the urban user in mind. With its 20″ wheels, quickly twistable stem and foldable pedal, it is 52% more compact that a full sized e-Bike!

The singular geometry also includes a handle in the middle of  the frame, which makes it easily transportable.

Simple and durable mechanical components

IMotion Sram 3 speed internal gearing system, Tektro hydraulic disc brakesSchwalbe Big Ben tyres and equipped with mudguards, lights, chain guard, etc., the Winora Radius Plain possesses everything to satisfy the everyday urban commuter!

Equipped with Yamaha, one of the best e-bike systems on the market

A powerful and well integrated motor

Yamaha Power Assist System employs a centre mount system, where the power unit and the battery are mounted close to the pedal, creating a low and central gravity point. The end result is an outstanding weight / balance ratio and excellent riding stability.

Due to it’s compact size, the middle engine from Yamaha can fit two sprockets, this allows an increased number of gears for more versatility. It also gives the advantage of making it easier to cycle when the assistance is off.

A powerful surge of power, instantly, even on a very low rpm and on every assist mode:

Yamaha powerful torque

The high-power motor has ample amounts of low-down torque – up to 70nm in High Mode – making electrical assist on hills and gravel roads – under the harshest of conditions – extremely powerful. The level of assistance reaches an impressive level of 280% at maximum output!

It’s also one of the lightest engines available on the market weighing just 3.5 kg.

Great performance from the battery

The 400Wh Yamaha battery sits on the frame and is very discreet.  It features an ingeniously small shock absorber, so the battery does not rattle over bumpy terrain. The 400Wh gives a range of up to 170km (on Eco + with good riding conditions).

Clear and informative display

The LCD display used on the Yamaha system is larger than the average, providing a clear reading. The settings can be changed without the riders’ hands leaving the handlebars, thanks the operational unit located near the left grip. Useful information is provided such as: battery level, modes of assistance, trip distance,  clock, thermometer, average speed, etc.

Yamaha ebikes

Great features added to the Yamaha 2016 range

Improvements have been made to the 2016 Sduro range.

new mode of assistance has been added to the exisiting three (Eco, Medium and High). The new mode, called Eco+, is more conservative and will extend the range up to 30% ! A great addition considering the amount of power that was already on the Eco mode.

new micro usb slot has also been included, allowing the rider to recharge mobile phones and other devices.

Eurobike Gold Winner 2015

eurobike gold winner award

Judges’ statement: “This compact e-bike is good fun. It’s a zippy little vehicle to get around on, but requires little space to park, making it ideal for urban dwellers. Further bonuses include clever details, such as foldable components and a well-placed handle to carry it with.”


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